November 4 Events

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November 4th, 2004 (November 04 2004)Event12 French soldiers, 3 UN personnel and hundreds of civilians die during the Cote d Ivoire civil war.
November 4th, 2003 (November 04 2003)EventThe most powerful solar flare as observed by satellite instrumentation is recorded.
November 4th, 2003 (November 04 2003)EventFormer HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy becomes the first person indicted under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. He was eventually acquitted.
November 4th, 2002 (November 04 2002)EventChinese authorities arrest cyber-dissident He Depu for signing pro-democracy letter to the 16th Communist Party Congress
November 4th, 1995 (November 04 1995)EventIsraeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated by an extreme right-wing Israeli.Yitzhak Rabin Quotes
November 4th, 1994 (November 04 1994)EventSan Francisco: First conference that focusses exclusively on the subject of the commercial potential of the World Wide Web.
November 4th, 1993 (November 04 1993)EventBolivia becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
November 4th, 1993 (November 04 1993)EventA series of fires destroy 1000 homes in southern California, causing between 500 million and 1 billion USD of damage. Half of the fires turn out to be arson.
November 4th, 1993 (November 04 1993)EventA China Airlines Boeing 747 overran Runway 13 at Hong Kong s Kai Tak International Airport while landing during a typhoon, injuring 22 people.
November 4th, 1989 (November 04 1989)EventThe congress of the Solidarity Party is inaugurated in Sweden. The congress decides, contrary to the proposal of the central committee, not to disband the party.
November 4th, 1986 (November 04 1986)EventChief Justice Rose Bird and two colleagues are removed by the electorate from the Supreme Court of California for their opposition to capital punishment.
November 4th, 1979 (November 04 1979)EventIran hostage crisis begins: Iranian people, mostly students, invade the United States embassy in Tehran and take 90 hostages (53 of whom are American).
November 4th, 1973 (November 04 1973)EventThe Netherlands experiences the first Car Free Sunday caused by the 1973 oil crisis. Highways are deserted and are solely used by cyclists and roller skaters.
November 4th, 1970 (November 04 1970)EventVietnam War: VietnamizationThe United States turns control of the Binh Thuy Air Base in the Mekong Delta over to South Vietnam.
November 4th, 1970 (November 04 1970)EventGenie, a 13 year old feral child was found in Los Angeles, California having been locked in her bedroom for most of her life.
November 4th, 1966 (November 04 1966)EventTwo-thirds of Florence, Italy is submerged as the Arno rivers flood; considering also the contemporary flood of Po River in northern Italy, 113 people die, 30,000 are rendered homeless, and numerous Renaissance artworks and books are destroyed.Rena Mero Quotes
November 4th, 1962 (November 04 1962)EventIn a test of the Nike-Hercules air defense missile, Shot Dominic-Tightrope is successfully detonated 69,000 feet above Johnston Islandied in It would also be the final atmospheric nuclear test ever conducted by the United States.
November 4th, 1956 (November 04 1956)EventSoviet troops enter Hungary to end the Hungarian revolution that started on October 23. Thousands are killed, more are wounded, and nearly a quarter million leave the country.
November 4th, 1955 (November 04 1955)EventThe rebuilt Vienna State Opera reopens with Ludwig van Beethoven s Fidelio after it was totally destroyed in World War II.Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes
November 4th, 1952 (November 04 1952)EventThe United States government establishes the National Security Agency.
November 4th, 1942 (November 04 1942)EventWorld War II: Second Battle of El AlameinDisobeying a direct order by Adolf Hitler, General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel leads his forces on a five-month retreat.Erwin Rommel Quotes
November 4th, 1939 (November 04 1939)EventWorld War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the United States Customs Service to implement the Neutrality Act of 1939, allowing cash-and-carry purchases of weapons by belligerents.
November 4th, 1924 (November 04 1924)EventNellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming is elected as the first female governor in the United States.
November 4th, 1922 (November 04 1922)EventIn Egypt, British archaeologist Howard Carter and his men find the entrance to King Tutankhamun s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.Howard Carter Quotes
November 4th, 1921 (November 04 1921)EventThe Sturmabteilung or SA is formally formed by Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler Quotes
November 4th, 1921 (November 04 1921)EventJapanese Prime Minister Hara Takashi is assassinated in Tokyo.
November 4th, 1921 (November 04 1921)EventItalian unknown soldier is buried in the Altare della Patria (Fatherland Altar) in Rome.
November 4th, 1918 (November 04 1918)EventWorld War I: Austria-Hungary surrenders to Italy.
November 4th, 1918 (November 04 1918)EventThe German Revolution begins when 40,000 sailors take over the port in Kiel.
November 4th, 1890 (November 04 1890)EventCity & South London Railway: London s first deep-level tube railway opens between King William Street and Stockwell.William King Quotes
November 4th, 1889 (November 04 1889)EventMenelek of Shoa obtains the allegiance of a large majority of the Ethiopian nobility, paving the way for him to be crowned emperor.
November 4th, 1864 (November 04 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of JohnsonvilleConfederate troops bombard a Union supply base and destroy millions of dollars in material.
November 4th, 1861 (November 04 1861)EventThe University of Washington opens in Seattle, Washington as the Territorial University
November 4th, 1852 (November 04 1852)EventCount Camillo Benso di Cavour becomes the prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia, which soon expands to become Italy.
November 4th, 1839 (November 04 1839)EventThe Newport Rising is the last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain.
November 4th, 1825 (November 04 1825)EventThe Erie Canal is completed with Governor DeWitt Clinton performing the Wedding of The Waters ceremony in New York Harbour.
November 4th, 1783 (November 04 1783)EventW.A. Mozart s Symphony No. 36 is premiered in Linz, Austria.
November 4th, 1737 (November 04 1737)EventThe Teatro di San Carlo is inaugurated.
November 4th, 1677 (November 04 1677)EventThe future Mary II of England marries William, Prince of Orange. They would later be known as William and Mary.
November 4th, 1576 (November 04 1576)EventEighty Years War: In Flanders, Spain captures Antwerp (after three days the city was nearly destroyed).
November 4th, 1501 (November 04 1501)EventCatherine of Aragon (later Henry VIII s wife) meets Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII s older brotherthey would later marry.Arthur Mee Quotes
November 4th, 1333 (November 04 1333)EventFlood of the Arno River, causing massive damage in Florence as recorded by the Florentine chronicler Giovanni Villani.

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