November 4 Birthdays

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November 4th, 1986 (November 04 1986)BirthAlexz Johnson, Canadian singer and actress
November 4th, 1986 (November 04 1986)BirthAdrian Zaugg, South African racing driver
November 4th, 1985 (November 04 1985)BirthMarcell Jansen, German footballer
November 4th, 1982 (November 04 1982)BirthDevin Hester, American football player
November 4th, 1981 (November 04 1981)BirthVince Wilfork, American football player
November 4th, 1980 (November 04 1980)BirthSabrina Colie, Jamaican actress
November 4th, 1980 (November 04 1980)BirthJerry Collins, New Zealand rugby union footballer
November 4th, 1980 (November 04 1980)BirthRichard Owens, American football player
November 4th, 1980 (November 04 1980)BirthMarcy Rylan, American actress
November 4th, 1979 (November 04 1979)BirthJesse Camp, former MTV veejay
November 4th, 1979 (November 04 1979)BirthTrishelle Cannatella, American reality tv castmember and model
November 4th, 1979 (November 04 1979)BirthAudrey Hollander, American pornographic actress
November 4th, 1978 (November 04 1978)BirthCarmen Cali, American baseball player
November 4th, 1978 (November 04 1978)BirthJohn Grabow, American baseball player
November 4th, 1977 (November 04 1977)BirthLarry Bigbie, American baseball player
November 4th, 1977 (November 04 1977)BirthSo Ji-sub, South Korean swimmer, model and actor
November 4th, 1977 (November 04 1977)BirthTonicha Jeronimo, British actress
November 4th, 1976 (November 04 1976)BirthBruno Junqueira, Brazilian racing driver
November 4th, 1976 (November 04 1976)BirthMario Melchiot, Dutch footballer
November 4th, 1975 (November 04 1975)BirthEric Fichaud, Canadian ice hockey player
November 4th, 1975 (November 04 1975)BirthEduard Kokcharov, Russian handball player
November 4th, 1975 (November 04 1975)BirthCurtis Stone, Australian chef and television personality
November 4th, 1975 (November 04 1975)BirthHeather Tom, American actress
November 4th, 1974 (November 04 1974)BirthCedric Bixler-Zavala, American musician (At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta)
November 4th, 1972 (November 04 1972)BirthLuis Figo, Portuguese footballer
November 4th, 1972 (November 04 1972)BirthTabassum Hashmi, Indian actress
November 4th, 1970 (November 04 1970)BirthTim DeBoom, American triathlete
November 4th, 1969 (November 04 1969)BirthSean "Diddy" Combs, American rapper
November 4th, 1969 (November 04 1969)BirthMatthew McConaughey, American actor
November 4th, 1968 (November 04 1968)BirthCarlos Baerga, Puerto Rican baseball player
November 4th, 1967 (November 04 1967)BirthEric Karros, American baseball player
November 4th, 1966 (November 04 1966)BirthH. John Heinz IV, American medieval armor craftsman; son of Teresa Heinz
November 4th, 1965 (November 04 1965)BirthMalandra Burrows, English actress and singer
November 4th, 1965 (November 04 1965)BirthTomoaki Ishizuka "Pata", Japanese musician
November 4th, 1965 (November 04 1965)BirthJeff Scott Soto, American musician (Yngwie Malmsteen Journey)
November 4th, 1965 (November 04 1965)BirthWayne Static, American musician (Static-X)
November 4th, 1963 (November 04 1963)BirthMarc Dery, Canadian singer and guitarist (Zebulon)
November 4th, 1963 (November 04 1963)BirthRosario Flores, Spanish singer and actress
November 4th, 1963 (November 04 1963)BirthMichel Therrien, Canadian ice hockey coach
November 4th, 1962 (November 04 1962)BirthJeff Probst, American television host
November 4th, 1961 (November 04 1961)BirthKathy Griffin, American comedian
November 4th, 1961 (November 04 1961)BirthDaron Hagen, American composer
November 4th, 1961 (November 04 1961)BirthEdward Knight, American composer
November 4th, 1961 (November 04 1961)BirthRalph Macchio, American actor
November 4th, 1961 (November 04 1961)BirthLes Sampou, American musician
November 4th, 1961 (November 04 1961)BirthNigel Worthington, Northern Irish footballer
November 4th, 1960 (November 04 1960)BirthMarc Awodey, American artist and writer
November 4th, 1960 (November 04 1960)BirthFrl. Menke, German pop singer of the Neue Deutsche Welle
November 4th, 1958 (November 04 1958)BirthAnne Sweeney, American television executive
November 4th, 1956 (November 04 1956)BirthJordan Rudess, American musician (Dream Theater)
November 4th, 1956 (November 04 1956)BirthJames Honeyman-Scott, English guitarist (The Pretenders) (died in 1982)
November 4th, 1955 (November 04 1955)BirthMatti Vanhanen, Prime Minister of Finland
November 4th, 1954 (November 04 1954)BirthChris Difford, English musician and songwriter
November 4th, 1953 (November 04 1953)BirthCarlos Gutierrez, American politician
November 4th, 1953 (November 04 1953)BirthJacques Villeneuve (elder), Canadian racing driver
November 4th, 1953 (November 04 1953)BirthDr. Marvel Williamson, American educator
November 4th, 1951 (November 04 1951)BirthTraian Basescu, President of Romania
November 4th, 1951 (November 04 1951)BirthCosey Fanni Tutti, English performance artist (Throbbing Gristle, Chris and Cosey)
November 4th, 1950 (November 04 1950)BirthCharles Frazier, American author
November 4th, 1950 (November 04 1950)BirthMarkie Post, American actress
November 4th, 1946 (November 04 1946)BirthLaura Bush, First Lady of the United States
November 4th, 1946 (November 04 1946)BirthFrederick Elmes, American cinematographer
November 4th, 1946 (November 04 1946)BirthRobert Mapplethorpe, American photographer (died in 1989)
November 4th, 1944 (November 04 1944)BirthScherrie Payne, American singer (The Supremes)
November 4th, 1944 (November 04 1944)BirthLinda Gary, American voice actress (died in 1995)
November 4th, 1943 (November 04 1943)BirthMarlene Jobert, French actress
November 4th, 1943 (November 04 1943)BirthClark Graebner, American tennis player
November 4th, 1943 (November 04 1943)BirthBob Wollek, French race car driver (died in 2001)
November 4th, 1940 (November 04 1940)BirthDelbert McClinton, American musician
November 4th, 1937 (November 04 1937)BirthLoretta Swit, American actress
November 4th, 1937 (November 04 1937)BirthMichael Wilson, Canadian politician
November 4th, 1936 (November 04 1936)BirthC. K. Williams, American poet
November 4th, 1933 (November 04 1933)BirthTito Francona, American baseball player
November 4th, 1932 (November 04 1932)BirthThomas Klestil, President of Austria (died in 2004)
November 4th, 1930 (November 04 1930)BirthDoris Roberts, American actress
November 4th, 1930 (November 04 1930)BirthDick Groat, American baseball player
November 4th, 1929 (November 04 1929)BirthShaike Ophir, Israeli actor (died in 1987)
November 4th, 1924 (November 04 1924)BirthHowie Meeker, Canadian ice hockey player and politician
November 4th, 1923 (November 04 1923)BirthFreddy Heineken, Dutch businessman (died in 2002)
November 4th, 1922 (November 04 1922)BirthBenno Besson, Swiss actor (died in 2006)
November 4th, 1919 (November 04 1919)BirthMartin Balsam, American actor (died in 1996)
November 4th, 1918 (November 04 1918)BirthArt Carney, American actor (died in 2003)
November 4th, 1918 (November 04 1918)BirthCameron Mitchell, American actor (died in 1994)
November 4th, 1916 (November 04 1916)BirthWalter Cronkite, American news broadcaster
November 4th, 1913 (November 04 1913)BirthGig Young, American actor (died in 1978)
November 4th, 1912 (November 04 1912)BirthVadim Salmanov, Russian composer (died in 1978)
November 4th, 1909 (November 04 1909)BirthSkeeter Webb, American baseball player (died in 1986)
November 4th, 1909 (November 04 1909)BirthBert Patenaude, American soccer player (died in 1974)
November 4th, 1908 (November 04 1908)BirthJozef Rotblat, Polish physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 2005)
November 4th, 1908 (November 04 1908)BirthStanley Cortez, American cinematographer (died in 1997)
November 4th, 1904 (November 04 1904)BirthTadeusz Zylinski, Polish technician and textilist (died in 1967)
November 4th, 1901 (November 04 1901)BirthPrincess Bang-ja of Korea (died in 1989)
November 4th, 1901 (November 04 1901)BirthSpyridon Marinatos, Greek archaeologist (died in 1974)
November 4th, 1900 (November 04 1900)BirthLucretiu Patrascanu, Romanian communist activist and sociologist (died in 1954)
November 4th, 1899 (November 04 1899)BirthNicolas Frantz, Luxembourgish cyclist (died in 1985)
November 4th, 1890 (November 04 1890)BirthAlfred Henschke, ps. Klabund, German writer and poet (died in 1928)
November 4th, 1884 (November 04 1884)BirthHarry Ferguson, Northern Irish aviator and inventor (died in 1960)
November 4th, 1883 (November 04 1883)BirthNikolaos Plastiras, Greek general (died in 1953)
November 4th, 1879 (November 04 1879)BirthWill Rogers, American humorist (died in 1935)Will Rogers Quotes
November 4th, 1874 (November 04 1874)BirthAleksandr Vasilevich Kolchak, Russian military commander (died in 1920)
November 4th, 1868 (November 04 1868)BirthCarolina Otero, a.k.a La Belle Otero, Spanish actress, singer and courtesan (died in 1965)
November 4th, 1845 (November 04 1845)BirthVasudeo Balwant Phadke, The First Indian Revolutionary (died in 1883)
November 4th, 1836 (November 04 1836)BirthHenry J. Lutcher, American businessman (died in 1912)
November 4th, 1816 (November 04 1816)BirthStephen Johnson Field, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (died in 1899)
November 4th, 1809 (November 04 1809)BirthBenjamin Robbins Curtis, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (died in 1874)
November 4th, 1765 (November 04 1765)BirthPierre Girard, French mathematician (died in 1836)
November 4th, 1740 (November 04 1740)BirthAugustus Montague Toplady, English author of hymn "Rock of Ages" (died in 1778)Augustus Montague Toplady Quotes
November 4th, 1661 (November 04 1661)BirthKarl III Philip, Elector Palatine (died in 1742)
November 4th, 1631 (November 04 1631)BirthMary of Orange, eldest daughter of Charles I of England and mother of William III of England (died in 1660)
November 4th, 1575 (November 04 1575)BirthGuido Reni, Italian painter (died in 1642)
November 4th, 1470 (November 04 1470)BirthKing Edward V of England, one of the two princes in the Tower
November 4th, 1448 (November 04 1448)BirthKing Alphonso II of Naples (died in 1495)

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